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Mass One-to-One Marketing Platform


AdThrill pays consumers to watch, rate, and comment on your ads. In real time, initiate direct communication and engagement with each and every individual, one-by-one, of your target audience. Here's why it makes sense:


Gain On-Demand Focus Groups of Your Target Audience


Test sample, validate, and properly gauge consumer sentiment of your advertising with your target audience on-demand BEFORE releasing it to larger media outlets.


Gain Transparency and Clarity in Performance Metrics


Get feedback  from every individual viewer of your ad on AdThrill and measure the different levels of interest in your company after your ad has reached them.  Gauge overall sentiment with more clarity than ever before. 


Gain Attentive & Engaged Viewers of Your Ad


Consumers are exposed to nearly 4,000 ads per day and less than 100 are retained (Forbes, 2017).  Translation:  Your ad is being lost because consumers are drowning in digital noise.  On AdThrill, your ad gets a consumer's undivided attention and elevates you above the competition.  In exchange, the consumer receives a little cash.  Win-win. 

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Gain Increased Advertising Performance


When you combine all the benefits of AdThrill and remove all the digital advertising issues (more on that below), you walk away with ads that perform better, and as intended, each and every time. 

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Problems Solved


The digital advertising space is facing various issues that lead to wasted spend. Below are issues that are solved when you pay consumers to watch, pay attention to, rate, and comment on your ad content.


Eliminate Ad


28% of all internet traffic is likely non-human (Adobe, 2018).  Translation:  Likely a quarter of your ad budget could be exposed to fraud.  On AdThrill, we human verify each and every viewer of your ad, each and every time.  


Eliminate Tone Deaf Ads That Miss the Mark

Avoid issues with ads missing the mark by predicting sentiment with viewers of your audience previewing your ad before it's released.



Blocked Ads

25% of US Consumers use ad block technology 

(eMarketer, 2018).  Translation: Your ad views are not being seen by your consumer.  AdThrill provides a platform where the consumer agrees to provide you their full attention in exchange for a little bit of the money you would have otherwise wasted. 


Eliminate Confusing & Unclear Ad Performance Metrics

So your ad "reached" a million people, but what does that even mean?  If only two hundred people responded, what happened to the other 999,800 people?  Lack of clarity on consumer sentiment is solved with AdThrill.  Measure the level of interest and intrigue of each and every viewer after watching your ad.